Belle and Sebastian throw back to their early EP days, announce new EP boxset and CD compilation on Matador

Belle and Sebastian throw back to their early EP days, announce new EP boxset and CD compilation on Matador
Wait. Belle and Sebastian ISN'T a duo?

I sometimes forget that Belle and Sebastian exists. And that they’re still making music — because holy crap do you generally have to be in a certain mindset to sit through an entire album of their low-key jams! No offense; I mean, much of the band’s songwriting genuinely does comprise some of the best in the so-called “twee pop” genre, especially seeing as how principal member Stuart Murdoch has such a gift for delivering thoughtful, straightforward, and occasionally hilarious lyrics that often compliment his band’s inconspicuous instrumentation in surprising ways. I just mean that it takes a person with more mental fortitude than I and my idiot brethren possess to make it through long-playing chunks of B&S discography in one sitting.

Thankfully, an unstated benefit of the EP is its appeal to people with short attention spans! And look: here’s Belle and Sebastian, announcing an exciting new EP trilogy set on the Matador label to be released in short succession beginning this December! The trilogy as a whole is going by the name How To Solve Our Human Problems, with parts 1, 2, and 3 being released on December 8, January 19, and February 16, respectively. You’ll be able to buy each EP individually at the time their release date, or you can just buy the entire deluxe box set, which has two methods of delivery: all at once on February 16, or with the EPs being sent to you as they’re released (with the actual box and accompanying poster also delivered to you on February 16).

But that’s not all: in keeping with the band’s 90’s roots, a “CD compilation” version of How To Solve Our Human Problems will also be released on February 16. Check out the track “We Were Beautiful” from EP1 down below, and then take a look at the art and full tracklisting for each EP down below that. (I know, it’s a lot to ask. But just focus a little. You can do it.)

How To Solve Our Human Problems Part 1 tracklisting:

01. Sweet Dew Lee
02. We Were Beautiful
03. Fickle Season
04. The Girl Doesn’t Get It
05. Everything Is Now

How To Solve Our Human Problems Part 2 tracklisting:

01. Show Me The Sun
02. Same Star
03. I’ll Be Your Pilot
04. Cornflakes
05. A Plague On All Other Boys

How To Solve Our Human Problems Part 3 tracklisting:

01. Poor Boy
02. Everything Is Now (Part Two)
03. Too Many Tears
04. There Is An Everlasting Song
05. Best Friend

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