Best Music Writing needs your help to become an independent publication

Best Music Writing needs your help to become an independent publication

Daphne Carr, editor of the heralded Best Music Writing series that dates back to 2006, has issued a call for support in changing the way the anthology works. In the past, Carr and a guest editor would collect submissions for the year’s best music writing, wade through them, and personally select the best from the bunch to be published as a book by Da Capo Press. Moving forward, Carr would like to independently publish the anthology and other music-related works and have the entries in the anthology be selected by an editorial panel. This shift in focus takes money.

Carr’s goal is to raise $30,000 to publish the 2012 edition independently. In addition to the costs of physically printing the book, this figure would cover stipends for the newly created editorial board, graphic design, and administrative fees. The editorial board would be composed of 10 music writers who would have the ultimate say in which pieces are included in the anthology. After that, continued donations and the income produced by the 2012 anthology and future publications would keep the new music writing-focused publisher going indefinitely.

Any amount is welcome, but a donation of $15 or more secures you a copy of the 2012 publication. Donate now to create a new home for the publication. Or better yet, donate in a friend or relative’s name and let them know they’re supporting the cause of independent music writing this holiday season — people love that kind of thing.

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