Bicep take their club love affair to the next level, announce self-titled debut album on Ninja Tune

Bicep take their club love affair to the next level, announce self-titled debut album on Ninja Tune
Finally, a new motivational soundtrack for "shoulders-and-arms day!"

London is obviously one of the top cities in the world if you’re heavily inclined to flail-wildly-in-a-socially-acceptable-context (a.k.a. dance), which might explain why the London-based electro-duo Bicep was essentially born in a London club (following the “actual births” of Matt McBriar and Andy Fergurson from their respective mothers). The duo’s musical career essentially started 10 years ago; but before they got their hands on some worthwhile gear, they were undoubtedly attending shows headlined by the leading producers of the time (cough…Aphex, cough…Twin). So much copious research eventually led to the creation of Feelmybicep, an increasingly-popular blog dedicated to the various club tunes that have inspired them over the years. Then, the Bicep boys started an eponymous label. THEN, they started touring internationally. THEEEN they…never ever released a full-length album?!? Huh!?!

Well, that’s changing RIGHT NOW with the release their self-titled debut, courtesy of their new and amiable label sponsors, Ninja Tune (from whom you can pre-order your very own copy today). The album’s out September 1, and it’s telling that the track “Aura” (listenable in-part below) probably seems comfortingly familiar if you’ve been to a lot of DJ shows and/or listened to your fair share of electronic mixes. (The track originally went by the name “Unreleased Bicep” before the release in-question necessitated a proper title.)

Bicep is a paean to club culture from two guys who clearly have little time for much else. Maybe eating.

Bicep tracklisting:

01. Orca
02 .Glue
03. Kites
04. Vespa
05. Ayaya
06. Spring
07. Drift
08. Opal
09. Rain
10. Ayr
11. Vale
12. Aura

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