Big Boi to appear on Celebrity Big Brother, but who cares, what’s André up to?!?!?

Big Boi to appear on Celebrity Big Brother, but who cares, what's André up to?!?!?

Okay, so we all know that the non-André 3000 half of Outkast hasn’t been up to much this summer. But now that his knee is on the mend, he can get back to doing the two things that American rappers do best: 1) making token-appearances on British reality game shows, and 2) distracting America from wondering what André 3000 is up to.

According to NME, Big Boi is going to make an appearance on (and you know, totally totally freakin’ win) the next series of Celebrity Big Brother in the UK. If you’re not familiar with the concept of terrible television, its basic premise is to take a bunch of outrageous people and make them do shitty things to one another, often but not always while cramped up in some sort of weird little funhouse together. So yeah, he’ll reportedly be joining model Sophie Anderton, Loose Women presenter Carol McGiffin, former football manager Ron Atkinson, and possibly Abz from the recently reunited boy band 5ive in doing that for a while. Nope, I’ve never heard of those people either! But hey, check this out: Coolio was the last US rapper to be thrown into the mix on this show back in 2009, and he actually finished in third place. So… USA! USA! USA! And either way, it’s “believed [that Big Boi] […] has agreed to a fee of £300,000 [which I think is like $6 million US dollars] to appear on the programme,” so it’s kinda like he’s ALREADY a winner!

But seriously though, folks, I don’t really know what André 3000 is up to. Do you?

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