The Bill Callahan callavan callops on to Northern Callafornia

The Bill Callahan callavan callops on to Northern Callafornia

Bill Callahan hasn’t released any new music since Have Fun With God in 2014. As you can probably guess based on the title of this post, he still hasn’t. I’m sadly not here today to tell you about a new Bill Callahan album. But, read between the lines of that title, break through the many levels of expert wordplay, and you should be able to figure out this: Bill Callahan is going to be playing another one of his trademark four-date tours, this time in Northern California.

You know what? Being that this is such a short tour, I’m going to say now’s your chance to go for it! Hey, come on, it’s no secret you’ve been wanting to go on a hike through California ever since you saw Wild on HBO2 a few months ago. Well, now’s your chance to do that and maybe get to hear some new Bill Callahan songs! If Google Maps is to believed, it’ll only take you 125 hours! Sure, you’ll probably miss every show aside from the first one and eventually need to be airlifted to a hospital somewhere between San Francisco and Sacramento, but the experience. You haven’t truly lived until you’ve woken up in a hospital, surrounded by loved ones, confused as to how you even got there in the first place. Just sayin’.

Whatever you decide, check out Bill Callahan’s Northern California tour dates below. And you know what, invest in a good pair of sneakers for walking around, regardless. You never know when you might need them.

02.01.17 - Santa Cruz, CA - Don Quixote’s International Music Hall
02.02.17 - Mill Valley, CA - Sweetwater Music Hall
02.03.17 - Nevada City, CA - Miner’s Foundry Cultural Center
02.04.17 - Oakland, CA - Starline Social Club

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