Bill Fay is really doing it, which is to say he has a new album coming out April 28 on Dead Oceans

Bill Fay is really doing it, which is to say he has a new album coming out April 28 on Dead Oceans

Insofar as you would accept “doing it” as synonymous with “releasing a new album,” I think you and I can both agree that British folk musician Bill Fay is doing it. And indeed, he might be said to be “really doing it” because this new album that he’s releasing — it’s called Who Is the Sender? and it’s out April 28 via Dead Oceans — is his second since returning after over 40 years of no new material with Life Is People back in 2012. If that doesn’t count as “really doing it” to you, then, reader, I think you and I might have a bigger problem than I had realized, and I think that problem might revolve around us not being able to agree on what certain phrases mean.

To celebrate the announcement that he is doing it, really doing it, Fay and the internet have conspired to share a “lyric video” for the track “War Machine” off the album. Now, because I know we’ve had our differences in the past, I’d like to clarify: a lyric video is a video that contains the lyrics of a song. Just covering all my bases! You can watch the video below, and since the video also contains sound, the audio of the track “War Machine” to be exact, you will likely also be listening as you watch, though of course, I can’t tell you what to do. In the interest of not telling you what to do, here is a link to where you can pre-order Who Is the Sender? I will say nothing further about it here because I’ve just had a strange moment where I realized I don’t know how to not tell you to do things with links that I embed. The future is weird.

Who Is the Sender? tracklist:

01. The Geese Are Flying Westward
02. War Machine
03. How Little?
04. Underneath the Sun
05. Something Else Ahead
06. Order of the Day
07. Who Is the Sender?
08. Freedom to Read
09. Bring It on Lord
10. A Page Incomplete
11. A Frail and Broken One
12. World of Life
13. I Hear You Calling (Studio Reunion)

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