Billy Corgan climbs the turnbuckle to release experimental album AEGEA

Billy Corgan climbs the turnbuckle to release experimental album AEGEA

In the midst of putting the concept of avant-garde music in a headlock, Zwan’s Billy Corgan has announced an experimental double LP known as AEGEA, to be released sometime in the next few weeks. Before tangling with the musical concept, Corgan descended from the rafters, as smoke billowed in from the ceiling and, appropriately enough, Smashing Pumpkins’ “Zero” played through the arena’s sound system. As Consequence of Sound reports, Corgan mentioned that the record was comprised of recordings dating back to the spring of 2007, which some know as the Zeitgeist era. Corgan then put his opponent in the dreaded Scorpion Death Lock.

Upon landing a series of devastating body blows, the Zwan frontman revealed that the record would be limited to 250 vinyl copies, most of which would be available online. As his opponent stood dazed, Corgan said that a few copies would be available at his Madame Zuzu’s Teahouse establishment in Highland Park, Illinois. The creator of 2005’s TheFutureEmbrace then executed a perfect DDT on avant-garde music, while announcing that AEGEA would be available at the very reasonable price of $59.95.

In addition to this experimental record, Corgan has kept busy working on a pair of new Smashing Pumpkins albums. He also recently did two very ambitious, very long performances based around modular synth, at least one of which Daniel Lopatin watched. One. Two. Three. Billy Corgan has pinned avant-garde music. Billy Corgan is your new heavyweight champion.

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