BitTorrent Goes BitLegit, Launches BitLaw-abiding BitService

I think you're going to like this bit of news! I've got a little bit to tell you about! Get your bits off this hot news bit! Here's a lit-le skit about this tight fit-ing bit! Bits!

Whew! That's a lot of bits. So many, in fact, you might want to download it on your BitTorrent client. Up until this news broke, BitTorrent technology was generally used for sharing pirated media like movies, music, video games, and pretty much anything that can be digitized and downloaded. The download process is wonderful, allowing large streams of data to be obtained from a network of users, tapping into the ether where the bits are doing their bit thing.

Obviously not all of these bits of torrent are used for pirated material, but just enough of them are for a bad reputation and occasional legal action to occur. So, our BitFriend, BitTorrent has begun its foray into lawful media downloading. Its service, The BitTorrent Entertainment Network that, as reports, "follows a year of negotiations with the entertainment industry – in all 35 providers -- including MTV Networks, 20th Century Fox and labels like Koch Entertainment and distributors IODA."

A bit of a big step for BitTorrent, as it sheds its open source code for a proprietary one to run their new service. You can rent movies for $4 and own television shows and music videos for $2, while user content is as free as it ever was. Many torrenters will feel angry about this change, as their operating costs will skyrocket anywhere from 200% to 400% That's enough to give anyone a bit of a BitHeadache!

Have no fear though, because when you sign up, you automatically get a free subscription to the new MittTorrent! That's right, all the Mitt Romney mitt-formation you can get your mitts on. Want to hear the Massachus-mitts governor and 2008 Presidential candidate stump about who he is and why? MittTorrent is only a mitt (click) away. Have your cred-mitt card ready, because don't we all want a bit of Mitt?

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