Björk announces limited-edition cassette reissues of her studio albums

Björk announces limited-edition cassette reissues of her studio albums
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Proud owners of cars manufactured pre-millennium, rejoice: Björk is reissuing her nine studio albums — from Debut to Utopia — as limited-edition cassette tapes! Let me rewind and hit you with that again (wait, hold on, give me a minute…); yes, that’s right: you can finally collect Björk’s nine timeless albums on the most archaic music format still in mass production!

Here’s what you can get: Debut, Post, Homogenic, Vespertine, Medúlla, Volta, Biophilia, Vulnicura, and Utopia (R.I.P. Selmasongs) individually or in a bundle as stunning colored cassettes. They’ll look incredible on your shelves! (Or, more realistically, the Discogs Marketplace.)

For fans who love Björk as much as they love inconvenience, lack of durability, and low fidelity, you can pre-order one or all of the cassettes here, with an official release date of April 26. Individual tapes cost £8.99, while the bundle will run you £69.99, which Google tells me is currently equivalent to 92.91 United States Dollars (or 10,972.77 Icelandic Króna!), which is honestly a steal. Just remember these bad boys and girls are limited, so you gotta get in there before you get stuck with Volta or something. (I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that. <3 )

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