Björk’s Voltaic Box Set Combines Thrill of Volta Live Show with Great New Way to Spend Lots of Money

Attention Björk completists! Did you not get enough of her latest full-length Volta in album format? Was experiencing the Icelandic superstar's live show awesome, yet somehow lacking? Well, ladies and germs, allow me to present you with the astonishing news of Voltaic, the unholy combination of Volta and several live performances of material from Volta, all in one beautifully packaged, ultra comprehensive box set.

Voltaic currently has a mystery release date, although the official Björk website says probably sometime in March. The release will be available in standard, deluxe, and deluxe vinyl versions. What exactly this reallllly means is currently up in the air, but details are promised soon. What we do know is that the release has material from live shows in Paris and Reykjavik, as well as a studio recording OF the live set, done in London. Wrap your mind around that! Voltaic will be formatted in the following ways:

- Disc One (CD) Songs From The Volta Tour Performed Live At Olympic Studios
- Disc Two (DVD) The Volta Tour Live In Paris, Live in Reykjavik
- Disc Three (DVD) The Volta Videos and the video competition
- Disc Four (CD) The Volta Mixes.

And bonus: If you make your way through the entire four-disc set during the hours between midnight and sunrise on the Summer Solstice, a mystical troll will guide you through a magical land of neon geysers and talking trees! That's only with the deluxe edition, though.

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