Black Dice’s Eric Copeland is a real cool dude and is releasing another album to prove it

Black Dice's Eric Copeland is a real cool dude and is releasing another album to prove it

Prolific electronic artist Eric Copeland has announced a return to the venerable DFA Records for his third release with the label and (only) his second album for 2017. The album is called Goofballs and will be available September 22, but if you want to experience the feeling of actually transacting money for theoretical ownership of Goofballs, you can pre-order it now.

Goofballs is the first release from Copeland since he moved to an island called Palma in Spain. As he describes it, “This album was the result of real isolation here, countless hours, focused only on this. The whole recording & writing was a fast process. I focused most on the bass groove. I had a very minimal gear setup: 90’s drum machine, cheap bass machine and a sampler. But most important was a homemade ‘drum brain’ that Barry’s London custom made for me. Barry was in the Van Pelt Soldiers of Fortune & Oneida. That piece of gear was a big part of this record and informed the direction it took the most.”

I bet you wish you were Eric Copeland right now, huh?

Sample the track “Neckbone” below, and look for Goofballs September 22.


01. Boogieman
02. Neckbone
03. Disco Ball
04. Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo
05. Mixer Shredder
06. Close Encounters
07. Smearjob
08. Doo Whatcha Wah Wah

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