The Black Keys to release a black box set on Black Friday

The Black Keys to release a black box set on Black Friday

The Black Keys are so proud of their latest album, Brothers (TMT Review), that they’ve decided to reissue it as a special, limited-edition, numbered box set that will be available on the retail-dreaded shopping day of Black Friday, November 26.

The Keys were so excited about the rave reviews they received for their new Long Player that they knew there were fans out there who would love to buy the album twice; accordingly, they created a brand spankin’ new version that will include two fabulous formats — an outdated CD version and the hip-to-be-square double 45-rpm vinyl format, a bonus 10-inch record with six previously unreleased live songs, and a limited-edition poster that, hopefully, shows guitarist/songwriter Dan Auerbach in some sort of a sexy pose.

The new box set is, in actuality, not a product of The Black Keys’ secret desire to make their fans buy their albums twice, but is merely a means to support Record Store Day, that glorious holiday when we look back on yesteryear, when vinyl was king and kids didn’t keep their music as binary-coded machine language reproduced as digital tones and listened to through miniature headphones that drill “music” (a.k.a. equalized and processed data) straight to your brain so that you know what to buy with total convenience and isolation.

Bonus 10-inch tracklist:

01. Everlasting Light
02. Next Girl
03. Tighten Up
04. Howlin’ for You
05. She’s Long Gone
06. Too Afraid to Love You

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