Black Marble return with new album It’s Immaterial, share single

Black Marble return with new album It's Immaterial, share single
Photo: Joseph Jagos

Black Marble have returned with a new album (It’s Immaterial), a new label (Ghostly), a new single (“Iron Lung”), and a new home (somewhere on the West Coast). Out September 30, the new album will be available as a digital download, cassette tape, white vinyl LP, regular ol’ black vinyl LP, and CD.

It’s Immaterial is the band’s follow-up to their 2012 EP Weight Against the Door and devastating debut full-length A Different Arrangement, both for Seattle label Hardly Art. Main dude Chris Stewart recently moved from the East Coast, and the album was created in the midst of that weird transitional period between one chapter of a life and the next.

“It’s a lot of psychic turmoil about time, place, and the dissatisfaction that comes with being young and not having control over place, or being old and not having control over time,” said Stewart. “The record is filled with characters trying to convince themselves, and others, to change or to see things differently or to come along with them somewhere. It’s that moment of wanting between knowing and doing but frozen in time.”


01. Interdiction
02. Iron Lung
03. It’s Conditional
04. Woods
05. A Million Billion Star
06. Missing Sibling
07. Frisk
08. Golden Heart
09. Self Guided Tours
10. Portland U
11. Collene

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