Blackest Ever Black announces debut LP by Tomorrow The Rain Will Fall Upwards

Blackest Ever Black announces debut LP by Tomorrow The Rain Will Fall Upwards

Let’s start this one from the proverbial horse’s mouth:

Who or what is Tomorrow The Rain Will Fall Upwards? A he, a she, a they, an it? Someone, no one, anyone, everyone…Blackest Ever Black’s most cloistered and curiously monikered project, which first broke cover in 2014 with a 10” offering of two “elegies in dub”, returns with Wreck His Days: a long-player of unexpected scale, complexity and political passion.

It doesn’t feel like a band per se, but it feels collaborative. Certain vocal and instrumental parts are credited to named personnel, among them Conrad Standish, Jonnine Standish (HTRK), Genevieve McGuckin (These Immortal Souls) and Lucas Santanna; the ghosts of Les Baxter, Roland S. Howard, Nina Simone and Daevid Allen seem to be present in the album’s make-up too.

The horse’s mouth (press release) also used the phrases “shore-lapping piano chords” and “pantherish, Audrey Horne-worthy death-jazz” and “a hulking, bass-heavy soundsystem weapon built, improbably, out of repurposed exotica samples” to describe the sounds of Wreck His Days, so expect a real barn burner.

Wreck His Days is out August 21 on Blackest Ever Black. Stream the new track “…And I Tried So Hard” below and pre-order the album on LP or digital at your leisure.

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