Blackest Ever Black announces label compilation, doesn’t quite sing “Hooray for Hollywood!”

Blackest Ever Black announces label compilation, doesn't quite sing "Hooray for Hollywood!"

Anyone capable of unembellished thought knows that Los Angeles isn’t just red carpets and homeless people fiddling around in their pockets for the purposes of handing you money. A super informative study that conforms with my preestablished views of the world recently named Los Angeles ninth among American cities with the most inequality, and separate from the stoic picture that economic figures project, I can say that I’ve witnessed the depths of the L.A. underbelly firsthand and repeatedly! It’s filled with underwhelming Mexican food and driving… without the benefit of chauffeur. Don’t tell me I’m sheltered.

Exception for Blackest Ever Black: on an unspecified day this June, they’ll be releasing a label compilation that, in retrospect, “offers an imaginative response to Los Angeles shadow-life,” despite the varying nationalities and locations of the contributing artists. Camella Lobo a.k.a. Tropic of Cancer lives in California, but she’s followed up on the tracklisting by artists like Dalhous, Exploring Jezebel, Secret Boyfriend, and Cut Hands — all of whom have their own take on hidden facets, generally speaking. L.A. wasn’t the subject they were handed, but the comp is, apparently, a grim representation after the fact.

I Can’t Give You the Life You Want will be released on vinyl only in an edition of 500 copies for the US. Maybe order one of the “handful” becoming available online, if you’re elsewhere.

I Can’t Give You the Life You Want tracklisting:

A1. Tropic of Cancer - I Woke Up and the Storm Was Over
A2. Tarquin Manek - Not Missing You
A3. Dalhous - Acceptance Is Reality
A4. 500 Stamps - Relics of Victory
A5. Infrastructure Zero - Messiah Police
B1. Bremen - Eclipsed
B2. Exploring Jezebel - Burberry Boy
B3. Cut Hands - Festival of the Dead Ondo
B4. Barnett + Coloccia - Tracker
B5. Tarcar - Eija
B6. Secret Boyfriend - Singleminded

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