Blanck Mass announces Dumb Flesh on Sacred Bones for your Dainty Ears

Blanck Mass announces Dumb Flesh on Sacred Bones for your Dainty Ears

Humans are remarkably complex on a biological level. Conversely, I really wish I could tear away a hangnail without bleeding enough to make strangers think that I had just crushed a small rodent. Where Agent Smith was all about critiquing our fragile physical form through the “eyes” of a maniacal computer program, Benjamin Power a.k.a. Blanck Mass is all about paying arguable tribute through the figurative melting of our senses. It’s not as easy as my lead-up suggests, but given his self-titled effort from 2011, as well as his noisy (yet accessible) work with Fuck Buttons, he might have a particular knack for it.

Enter Dumb Flesh, Power’s sophomore solo LP set for release May 12 on Sacred Bones. Supposedly the creative process behind the album served as an additional reflection of the limitations of the human body, as Power recalls “at least three occasions” where he engaged in total revision, until he was happy with “where the evolution of the project had arrived.” I don’t personally know any humans capable of wholesale change in form, but maybe your best friend’s a blue lady.

The awesome lead single suggests something quite different from the debut:

Dumb Flesh tracklisting:

01. Loam
02. Dead Format
03. No Lite
04. Atrophies
05. Cruel Sport
06. Double Cross
07. Lung
08. Detritus
09. Life Science [vinyl only]

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