Blanck Mass shares new track off Dumb Flesh, album out May 12 on Sacred Bones

Blanck Mass shares new track off Dumb Flesh, album out May 12 on Sacred Bones

A couple of months back, we delivered the good news to your ears and eyeballs that John Power (one half of the noise-duo-that-it’s-okay-for-frat-dudes-to-like known as Fuck Buttons) had announced a new solo album under his Blanck Mass moniker entitled Dumb Flesh, due May 12 on Sacred Bones. We also shared the first single, “Dead Format.” It was pretty awesome. We all high-fived around the office and shit, assuming (pretty fairly) that we’d given the record and the project all the coverage they were ever going to want or need. Done deal. We’re all rich and happy.

But now, shit, turns out that that news is TOTALLY OBSOLETE! Because Power has fucked everything up by announcing the release of ANOTHER NEW TRACK of the album, titled “Detritus.” And this one is the album closer too, so you know it’s gonna be epic! :( Just listen to this press release description: “beginning as a wall of noise embellished with subtle, technical intricacies, ‘Detritus’ dramatically evolves over the course of it’s 8+ minutes into a haunting and strangely warming triumph.” Awww man! See?? That sounds awesome. Everything is totally ruined! We’re gonna have to write a whole new story on it now and everything, and it’s gonna be all anti-climactic and everything. Oh well. At least there are a few European tour dates to tell you about while we’re at it. But yeah, yuk. Shit just feels awkward and messy now. And those are two words I NEVER want to use when describing noise-based music.

Ye olde outdated “Dead Format” video:

Blanck Mass Euro dates:

05.02.15 - Gijon, Spain - L.E.V.
05.09.15 - Brussels, Belgium - Night Owls for Nuits Botanigue
05.15.15 - Brighton, UK - The Great Escape Festival
06.04.15 - Copenhagen, Denmark - Jazzhouse
06.11.15 - London, UK - ATP Pop Up Venue
06.19.15 - Hilvarenbeek, Netherlands - Best Kept Secret Festival
07.24.15 - Sheffield, UK - Tramlines Festival
08.21.15 - Bristol, UK – ArcTanGent
08.29.15 - Thornhill, Dumfriesshire - Electric Fields

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