Bleep is selling a Babyfather weed grinder to launch Advent 2016

Bleep is selling a Babyfather weed grinder to launch Advent 2016

So you just bought a Babyfather weed grinder as part of Bleep’s Advent 2016 special, and don’t know how to use it? Well, don’t worry: we’re here to teach you how to properly use your new Babyfather weed grinder.

Step 1
• Turn on BBF Hosted by DJ Escrow.
• Open the cap on your grinder.
• Take your marijuana and break it into small pieces so you can evenly spread it on the grinder.

Step 2
• Put your little pieces of marijuana into the grinder teeth.
• Do not overfill the top chamber or it will not be as good as it would’ve been if you grind small amounts each time.
• Do not place it on the center of the teeth or it will not lock the cap.
• Turn the grinder upside down so that large bulks won’t go to the top chamber.
• Place a coin in the compartment on top of the kief; this prevents the kief from clogging up the compartment.

Step 3
• Put the cap back on and now you’re ready to start grinding. Rotate the cap to grind the pieces; give it a few turns side to side.
• Ground herbs will go through the top chamber and stay stored on the screen in the bottom chamber. If there are none in both chambers, twist the cap a few more turns again.
• When grinding, twisting feels a little hard, but soon it will become much easier, as if you’re grinding nothing; this means that you are done grinding.

Step 4
• Once you are done, remove the upper two chambers. Now you can remove the ground up pieces in the top and bottom chambers, and now they are ready to be hand-rolled into joints and smoked.
• Herbs that a ground to an extremely fine powder will go to the bottom chamber where it is stored.

Extra Tips on How to Use Your Babyfather Weed Grinder
• Turn the grinder upside down for better results.
• For 30 minutes, put the grinder in the freezer so that the next batch is easier to scrape off.
• Put a coin in the center of the grinder chamber on top of the pieces or marijuana to prevent clogging.

Use while listening to BBF “to help ease the pain of everyday life.”

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