Blue Tomorrows announces cassette, Without Color, on Moon Glyph; shares video for “Sound of Moving”

Blue Tomorrows announces cassette, <cite>Without Color</cite>, on Moon Glyph; shares video for "Sound of Moving"
Photo: Blue Tomorrows

“Blueness” isn’t just for Mondays anymore.

Portland, Oregon singer/multi-instrumentalist Sarah Nienaber, one-third of Rose City shoegaze rockers Candace, is set to unveil a new solo project, Blue Tomorrows.

The inaugural cassette release, Without Color, is coming September 13 via Moon Glyph, which put out previous cassettes from Candace as well as Web of Sunsets, Sarah N.’s pastoral folk trio with Sara Bischoff and Chris Rose.

To whet your appetite before the album’s September release, get immersed in the grainy VHS visuals for the wistful sunset drive of “Sound of Moving,” streaming below. Stay tuned to Moon Glyph for pre-order information.

Without Color tracklisting:

01. Sound of Moving
02. Palisades
03. Crescent Moon Blues
04. Sonoma Mt. Rd. (Deep Summer)
05. Seashell Foxtrot
06. Without Color
07. For Wishing / Sea of Empty
08. Calgary

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