Blur to Officially Reunite at London’s Hyde Park, But Who Cares Because Thom Yorke Is Growing His Ponytail Out Again!

If the press were always right, Blur would have reunited like 20 times already in the past two years. We at TMT have mainly tried to stick our noses out of the Blur Reunion Mill and into the asses of Radiohead (didn't we report a story about Thom Yorke's chapped lips?), but the time has come to join our fellow "journalists" in announcing Blur's super duper official reunion!

On July 3, Blur will be headlining an open-air show in Hyde Park, London, featuring the group's original lineup of Damon Albarn, drummer Dave Rowntree, bassist Alex James, and the mighty Graham Coxon. And since we are talking about a UK, NME-hyped band here, there's also a rumor that Blur will be headlining Glastonbury in June, but obviously there has been no official confirmation from the festival organizers or from me, Mango Starr.

The show will mark their first time on stage together since a Royal Festival Hall performance in 2000. Blur's last album was the horribly underrated Think Tank.

Tickets for the Hyde Park show go on sale here this Friday. Hey, wasn't that dude on That ’70s Show named Hyde? Coincidence? I don't think so!! Dude's in Blur now!!

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