Bob Dylan Wins Pulitzer, Tours; TMT Declared “Bob Dylan Week” Last Week

In honor of Bob Dylan winning the Pulitzer, we here in the TMT offices have decided to retrospectively declare last week Bob Dylan Week.

If you look closely, you’ll notice that all the content published last week was related to Bob Dylan. While the connection between a review of the new Man Man CD and an interview with Blitzen Trapper may not seem immediately Dylan-related, TMT’s Bob Dylan Week argued that all current music (absolutely no exceptions) stems from his influential seeds. No, I’m not talking about Jakob Dylan and The Wallflowers (still trekking though, god bless their underachieving souls). I’m talking about the wordy croons of Richard Swift, the early Dylan-era strums of Jim Noir’s guitar, and Islands’ references to religion and gospel that smack of Dylan’s ’80s obsession with the subjects.

But Bob Dylan Week was not simply to remember Bob for a brief moment, only to wallow in the nether-reaches of our collective psyche the other 51 weeks of the year. And it also wasn't just a reminder of the year-round struggle to recognize the Bob in each and every record we currently listen to, review, purchase, download, and enjoy. Instead, Bob Dylan Week was primarily meant to highlight the influence of Bob that's embedded in every second of all music, before and after his birth.

And He’s on tour:

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