The Body and Full of Hell, noted crafters of easy-listening children’s lullabies, team-up for Ascending a Mountain of Heavy Light

The Body and Full of Hell, noted crafters of easy-listening children's lullabies, team-up for Ascending a Mountain of Heavy Light

Dearly beloved reader, would you mind if I got real for a minute? Would you mind I opened up the Book of Me to reveal a problem that’s been recurring in my life? Thanks.

See, lately, I’ve been…well, having trouble sleeping. The air conditioner constantly rattles, my dog keeps loudly bumping into furniture, and even when I do manage to catch a few z’s, I shoot awake soon after covered in an uncomfortable amount of sweat.

I think what I need is some pleasant music to dribble gently into my ear drums, to help lull me away to sleepy town, and keep me there. Have you heard of these two guys: The Body and Full of Hell? From what I can tell, they seem like quite the rising stars in the easy-listening children’s lullabies scene. What’s that? These two are once again collaborating on an album called Ascending a Mountain of Heavy Light that’s due out this fall? Oh, what a lovely, lovely day this is! And what creamy, dreamy nights I surely have ahead of me!

Maybe I’m being hyperbolic, but Ascending a Mountain of Heavy Light sounds like a truly relaxing jaunt. The supergroup drew on such soothing influences like reggaetón for inspiration! Collaborators include Brian Chippendale, drummer for Lightning Bolt (whom I’m fairly certain are Enya’s backing band!) They recorded the album in Providence! Everyone knows that’s the most peaceful city in all of Rhode Island!

Sounds like, come November 17 when Ascending a Mountain of Heavy Light is released via Thrill Jockey, all of my sleep-related maladies will be solved. Yep, no way in hell will my REM cycle be further disturbed by two artists who specialize in crafting abrasive noisescapes combining their powers to create an onslaught of visceral, cathartic tracks that fill you with a sense of inescapable dread. No way.

Now, please excuse me while I place my pre-order and then go lay down for a little nap. I think I’ll pop on “Earth is a Cage,” the first track released off of Ascending a Mountain of Heavy Light, for the first time ever. I imagine I will wake up in two hours feeling more refreshed than I ever have before. You can bliss out to “Earth is a Cage” too — as well as check out the album’s full tracklist, and the duo’s upcoming Japanese tour dates —down below. Pleasant dreams, reader!

Ascending a Mountain of Heavy Light tracklisting:

01. Light Penetrates
02. Earth Is A Cage
03. The King Laid Bare
04. Didn’t The Night End
05. Our Love Conducted With Shields Aloft
06. Master’s Story
07. Farewell, Man
08. I Did Not Want To Love You So

The Body & Full of Hell Japanese tour dates:

08.23.17 - Tokyo, JP - Bush Bash
08.24.17 - Nagoya, JP - Huck Finn
08.25.17 - Osaka, JP - Compass
08.27.17 - Tokyo, JP - Fever

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