Body Of Light debut Let Me Go out July 22 on Dais

Body Of Light debut Let Me Go out July 22 on Dais
Photo: Kaleb Marshall

- How is it that every one of my Facebook friends is dealing with anxiety/depression that rivals all others?

- Oh, an ad promoting Body of Light’s debut album Let Me Go out July 22 on Dais Records. Yeah, you don’t really know me, Facebook. I don’t trust your recommendations.

- A creative pregnancy announcement! How cool and creative.

- This guy here is making a poignant political statement. Very unique, solid statement. C+

- Hate synth-pop? Body of Light combine warped tape loops, processed harmonic vocals, and aging VHS home-movie samples with electronic music. Interested yet?

- Everyone is suddenly impacted by a celebrity death or widespread tragedy. Wow, people really care so much. Loving all this heartfelt sincerity!

- An invitation to a music show? Great. I don’t know what it is, but I’m interested. I’ll click Interested.

- Ugh, a SoundCloud stream of a new Body of Light song. I get it! How much did these guys pay advertising?

Okay, that was pretty good. I’ll buy this album when it comes out. I forgot when that date was, but I’ll just check back on my Facebook feed when Tiny Mix Tapes posts this article.

Now let’s get back to looking at some respectful pornography.

Let Me Go tracklisting:

01. How Do I Know?
02. Holding You
03. Come Down
04. Let Me Go
05. Last Breath
06. Moving Slowly
07. Felt
08. Tremble
09. Cold Gesture
10. Worlds Fall Apart

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