Bogdan Raczynski announces new album Rave ‘Till You Cry, premieres full album stream

Bogdan Raczynski announces new album Rave 'Till You Cry, premieres full album stream

Raves are the endurance tests of electronic music. The blistering kick drums, the pulsating, detuned sawtooths, the disorienting smoke-filled rooms, the cuddle puddles…makes it all worth it when you emerge into the daylight of morning (or *gulp* early afternoon), and see the rest of humanity acting like responsible people.

Bogdan Raczynski brings us all the way back to the Wild Rave West with eighteen jittery, never-released tracks culled from his 90’s archives. A bit of a protege of Mr. Richard D. James himself, the Twin’s acid and breakbeat influence is all too present. True to Raczynski’s personality, these quirky tracks never take themselves too seriously, a fitting disposition for the age of rave’s prominence.

But enough outta me. Bawl your eyes out with an exclusive album premiere just below. And if you’ve still got dry eyes come April 5, grab the release (and some Kleenex) through Disciples. Now if only there was a way to get that sweet shirt…

Rave ‘Till You Cry tracklisting:

A1: 156 s2n
A2: 134 32iii
A3: 318 22t7
A4: 220 s3d
A5: 329 15h

B1: 220 s1c
B2: 307 33m15
B3: 332 23t422
B4: 309 14ae2
B5: 213 213r

C1: 220 s2c
C2: 356 34h12
C3: 306 24n812
C4: 306 41dr

D1: 210 31c22
D2: 220 s5d
D3: 355 44ir
D4: 204 fr

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