Bon Iver cancel entire European tour

Bon Iver cancel entire European tour

Due to “personal reasons,” Bon Iver have canceled all dates from their upcoming European tour (as well as an appearance on A Prairie Home Companion). € 20TøøøøøøøøüR17 has died as it lived: not existing at all. Thus also ends my impassioned plea to find meaning in life, to be allowed to join Bon Iver as their woodblock player. NOT THAT IT WAS GOING WELL AT ALL THANKS FOR ASKING.

All tickets are eligible for a refund. If you find yourself disappointed and clutching a now-useless ticket, try soothing your soul to the vocoded croons of Justin Vernon on “715 - CRΣΣKS,” below. And hey, at least Bon Iver will most likely come back to Europe at some point in the future. Meanwhile, some of us may never get to realize our dream of keeping rhythm on a piece of wood in front of thousands of screaming Norwegians. Count your blessings.

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