Long-Lost Bonnie “Prince” Billy gem to see re-release from Temporary Residence Ltd.

Long-Lost Bonnie "Prince" Billy gem to see re-release from Temporary Residence Ltd.
Photo: Steve Gullick

Attention Will Oldham completists. Your mania will never be sated, but there’s a nice little reissue of a Bonnie “Prince” Billy gem on its way.

Being an Oldham-o-phile, you no doubt must’ve been well into him before he got famous with I See A Darkness, but for whatever reason, you missed the limited-edition Travels In Constants EP, which Oldham slipped out into the world via Temporary Residence Ltd. on their mail-order series in 2000.

No big deal. It happens to the best of us. But weep no more, for you’ll soon be able to own a copy of your very own when the label celebrates its 20th birthday by giving you the gift of a re-release of Travels In Constants, beefed up with a live version of the entire album.

For the uninitiated, Travels In Constants is an EP of covers that Oldham recorded in 2000 at the end of a tour with his then backing band More Revery. The six-tracker features a wide range of covers, all given the deep-down, soulfully dirty BPB treatment. You’ve never heard a grouping of PJ Harvey, John Holt, Tim McGraw, or Bill Withers sound so much like Will Oldham before.

You can get it on vinyl or old-school vintage CD now, and expect shipping around May 1 or in stores on May 6.

Travels In Constants

01. Someone’s Sleeping
02. Sweeter Than Anything
03. Same Love That Made Me Laugh
04. A Dream of the Sea
05. Strange Things
06. Just To See You Smile
07. Someone’s Sleeping (Live)
08. Sweeter Than Anything (Live)
09. Same Love That Made Me Laugh (Live)
10. A Dream of the Sea (Live)
11. Strange Things (Live)
12. Just To See You Smile (Live)

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