Boredoms to Release 77 Boadrum DVD in the Good Ol’ USA on September 7

Boredoms to Release 77 Boadrum DVD in the Good Ol' USA on September 7

Now I ain’t much for no fancy arithmancin’ or kabbalahizin’ or any such numerowhatnot, but from what I remember from Catholic school, 7 is just about the perfectest damn number you’re gonna find in this here crazy cosmos of ours. Just ask everyone’s favorite Japanoise japesters Boredoms! On July 7, 2007 at 7:07 PM, Boredoms agitator Eye gathered 77 drummers in Brooklyn’s Empire-Fulton Ferry State Park to create the perfect drum circle, a feat which previously lived only in the dreams of countless college hacky sack club presidents.

For those of us who missed out on this moment of percussive singularity, be prepared to live the magic on September 7 when the official 77 Boadrum DVD drops on American soil from Thrill Jockey. Along with footage of the performance itself culled from a number of videographers, the DVD also features behind the scenes rehearsal footage and interviews with the participants. The thing even comes with an exclusive set of photo postcards not available in the Japanese edition! Take that, Nipponophile jerks who probably way overpaid for your postcardless import DVDs!

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