BREAKING: Billy Corgan is indie!

BREAKING: Billy Corgan is indie!

Billy Corgan — front-man for the all-time greatest, bestest, most brilliant alternative band ever: Smashing Pumpkins (beating Zwan out by a couple power chords) — has announced that he is, in fact, indie! April 17 will see the pre-sale of Smashing Pumpkins’ new EP Teargarden by Kaleidyscope Vol 1: Songs For A Sailor. The EP is only available through independent record stores — yeah man, screw those corporate fat cats!

Mr Corgan said “I used to work at an indie record shop so I’ll always have a soft spot for the places where I still go to find the most vital music, whether new or still hidden.”

April 17 is also Record Store Day, a chance for ordinary Americans to take a stand against greedy major labels and soulless department stores. So, in support, you couldn’t do much worse than head on down to your local indie store and grab a limited-edition version of Smashing Pumpkins’ new EP available via Martha’s Music/Rocket Science Ventures. Also don’t forget those important sponsors of Record Store Day, who contribute selflessly to innovation in music — EMI Distribution, Sony Music, Universal Music Distribution and Warner Bros. Records.

Stick it to ‘em Billy!

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