Brian Eno DVD coming to DVD! That’s right, I’m one of those guys who calls all films DVDs.

Brian Eno DVD coming to DVD! That's right, I'm one of those guys who calls all films DVDs.

Brian Eno is a guy. A British guy. A British guy who’s done some stuff. Most of that stuff has been “musical” in nature, but I guess not all of it. Also, some of that stuff happened in the 1970s, which, coincidentally or not, is when he first started getting attention from people for his stuff (yeah, the musical stuff). So yeah, he’s important.

Now, in accordance with Brian Eno as a 1970s stuff-doer (a lot of people think of the 70s as his golden age; although some people don’t, and others don’t know who Brian Eno is), the Sexy Intellectual label is releasing a DVD-thing called Brian Eno 1971-1977: The Man Who Fell To Earth. It’s actually a certain type of DVD-thing called a “documentary.” Now, what these “documentaries” do is, they explore the life and career stuff (music, in this case) of famous, documentary-type people. If you keep up on this sort of stuff and you’re all into stuff and stuff, than you already know that those years for Brian Eno included his stint playing keys and junk in Roxy Music (1971-1973) and his first slew of solo stuff (Here Come the Warm Jets [1974], Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy) [1974], Another Green World [1975], and Before and After Science [1977]), during which he sorta began developing his Eno vibe and whatnot. Vibe is what critics call a “style.” Specifically, I’m talking about that whole “pop-ambient style” thing that he’s probably most known for today. So yeah, that’s what makes him a “documentary-type” person.

But back to the DVD. Being a documentary, it’s got what they call “archival footage” in it, like some performance and studio “film” (film is the stuff that DVDs are made from). It’s also got some exclusive interviews in it, mostly from musician and writer-types (including his biographer) who are more or less friends of his. Actually, maybe they interview some people who hate him too; I really don’t know. The thing isn’t out yet. See, it comes out on May 17. And actually, the reason I’m telling you NOW instead of on May 17 is so that you can pre-order it and watch the trailer for it over here. So yeah. That’s why I told you.

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