Brian Wilson makes late-in-life discovery of puns, announces 11th LP No Pier Pressure

Brian Wilson makes late-in-life discovery of puns, announces 11th LP No Pier Pressure

Here at Tiny Mix Tapes Dot Com, we sure do like to have a good time. For instance, back in 2013 when I indicated that I only really knew who Brian Wilson was because of his inclusion in a Barenaked Ladies song, I was wrapping the news that Wilson was starting work on his 11th album up in a little joke, one that was assisted by the sheer happenstance that BNL were, at the time, gearing up to release their soon to be critically acclaimed 13th studio album Grinning Streak. Well now that, as Consequence of Sound reports, Wilson has completed his 11th album and come out with a whole host of details about it, I’m just certain that by the end of this post I’ll have made another joke or two. Just you wait and see.

The album, out April 7 via Capitol Records, is called No Pier Pressure, which is, reports are saying, a pun on the popular method by which teens are convinced to commit arson [Joke Update: as we all know, arson is no laughing matter]. The album will arrive as a standard 13-track edition and deluxe 16-track edition digitally and on CD, along with a 16-track double LP version.

Actually, speaking of teens but not of arson, Wilson says that although the album was originally conceived as a Beach Boys album, he ended up seeking collaborators in a group of “amazing young vocalists who have been inspired by his music,” which he saw as an “opportunity to finally become hip with his kids.” [Joke Update: sometimes they write themselves]. Included among these collaborators are Zooey Deschanel, M. Ward, Kacey Musgraves, Sebu Simonian of Capital Cities, and Nate Ruess of fun.. He’ll also be joined by Al Jardine, David Marks, and Blondie Chaplin, with whom he worked in the Beach Boys. No love for Mike Love, though [great joke!]. No love for Frank Ocean or Lana Del Rey either, both of whom were at one point also floated as possible inclusions on this album, probably because they were “too prominently associated with those jokers at Tiny Mix Tapes.” No love for Taylor Peters either because this post was pretty dry in the joke department. Sorry about that!

No Pier Pressure tracklist:

01. This Beautiful Day
02. Runaway Dancer (feat. Sebu Simonian)
03. What Ever Happened (feat. Al Jardine and David Marks)
04. On The Island (feat. She & Him)
05. Our Special Love (feat. Peter Hollens)
06. The Right Time (feat. Al Jardine and David Marks)
07. Guess You Had To Be There (feat. Kacey Musgraves)
08. Don’t Worry *
09. Somewhere Quiet *
10. I’m Feeling Sad *
11. Tell Me Why (feat. Al Jardine)
12. Sail Away (feat. Blondie Chaplin and Al Jardine)
13. One Kind Of Love
14. Saturday Night (feat. Nate Ruess)
15. The Last Song
16. Half Moon Bay

* deluxe edition

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