Broken Social Scene Smashingly Score {The Tracey Fragments}

I still can't give you a definitive head count of Broken Social Scene's members, 'cause sometimes Leslie Feist makes me all dizzy by being so dang hot. Or Emily Haines. Whatever. Broken Social Scene simply reduce me to a puddle of admiration (it's kind of gross, actually). My love only grew when I learned that this exceptionally good-looking collective will be scoring a new indie film from director Bruce McDonald, entitled The Tracey Fragments. McD has pegged the flick as "Degrassi meets Hendrix." Ooh. Degrassi. Craig. Yum. Moving on...

Take this project as a cue for BSS' future, 'cause according to singer Kevin Drew (who has quite a nice beard, FYI), family life doesn't exactly lend itself to touring, and these dudes wanna stay home and play with the kids for now. Which is fine. I'll just have to make a diorama or something and pretend they're playing live in my living room. It'll be almost like the real thing, I swear.


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