(Near) Nighttime is the right time: J.R. Bohannon to release his debut album Dusk in November on figureight records

(Near) Nighttime is the right time: J.R. Bohannon to release his debut album Dusk in November on figureight records

It is claimed that music is the most evocative art in the world. If so, the guitar is certainly one of its most evocative instruments. In the right player’s hands, any sound or emotion imaginable can be created. And, without a front-person hogging the spotlight with their wretched words and posturing, string witches can throw out ambiguous shapes intended to confound listeners or render them vulnerable to misconstrue EVERYTHING. (Let’s face it, it’s just too easy to guide ears in a certain direction if you are warbling on about “Squeeze me baby, ‘til the juice runs down my leg.”)

Following his debut EP Recôncavo on Phantom Limb in April, Brooklyn-based bender J.R. Bohannon gets the chance to display his full range of easy-on-the-ear/easy-to-mishear songs when he releases his debut LP next month.

Bohannon’s Dusk comes out November 1 on Shahzad Ismaily’s figureight records, and it features seven captivating fret compositions. Intending to produce something that wasn’t “just another acoustic guitar album,” Bohannon has done just that; he’s made a record that is as distinct as his Brazilian, classical, bluegrass, and ambient influences.

Dusk can be pre-ordered on LP and DL here and here’s the reflective and dreamy Reflections of an American Dream. Capiche? No? Good.

Dusk tracklisting:

01. Reflections of an American Dream
02. Saint Etienne
03. A Continuous Harmony
04. For Jina
05. Paradise Kentucky
06. Dusk
07. The Sorcerer’s Hand

Bohannon comes alive:

11.15.19 - Nashville, TN - Proper Sake #
11.18.19 - Chicago, IL - The Empty Bottle $

# FMRL presents Bill Direen, J.R. Bohannon, Health&Beauty, and Luke Schneider
$ Health&Beauty

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