Bruce Springsteen Rallies Again For the Little Guy

In keeping with the Boss' image as the working class hero, Bruce Springsteen & the E-Street Band will gear up to release a new greatest hits album to be distributed exclusively by independent record stores throughout the country. This move aims to help out small business and to keep money from the purchases Greatest Hits in the... hang on, what? Oh, I might have misread that. Let me grab that press release again... brb.

Okay, back. So, turns out I was dead fucking wrong. Bruce Springsteen is releasing Greatest Hits on January 13 exclusively through Wal-Mart. Silly me.

The compilation features 12 big ol' songs about rising up from oppression and what you should do around his engines, including "Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)," "Born To Run," "Dancer In The Dark," "Born In The U.S.A," "The Rising," and "Radio Nowhere." The release next week coincides with the E-Street Band's performance during Super Bowl XLIII's halftime show on February 1.

I won't say that I'm not a little disappointed that Bruce is making me go to Wal-Mart to grip the new joint. Be it as it may. At least we still have a voice that speaks for us, like Rage Against the Machine, who rage against the machine by shunning major labels and refusing to play the AT&T stage at Lollapalooza... oh, wait.

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