Buh Records attempts to scratch your Swiss itch, preps comp of Swiss underground music

Buh Records attempts to scratch your Swiss itch, preps comp of Swiss underground music

For the geographically disinclined: Switzerland is a little bigger than Maryland in terms of size and population, and the way that it’s flanked on three sides by France, Italy, and Germany has to be a blessing for Swiss parents who want their kids to grow up social media-posting in several languages. The cultural confluence also puts the country in an interesting position (necessary pun) from a musical standpoint, because while the surrounding countries certainly have their own styles and trends, Swiss artists themselves are reportedly more inclined (and possibly obligated) to leave their home country for the sake of touring or industry networking.

All of this kind of raises the question(s): what even is the music scene in Switzerland? Is it as tangible as their chocolate delicacies?

Luis Alvarado, the founder of Buh Records, has taken these questions head-on by announcing Interactions: A Guide to Swiss Underground Experimental, a new 2xCD/2xLP compilation out September 13. Alvarado got the idea to curate the compilation after speaking to Swiss artist Tobias Rothfahl, who introduced him to an experimental and improvisational scene that certainly exists across Swiss towns ranging from Zurich to Basel. The names featured aren’t familiar to most of us, but…duh; I guess that’s sort of the point.

Head here for pre-order information, and check some tunes from a few of the included artists — followed by the full tracklisting — below:

Interactions: A Guide to Swiss Underground Experimental tracklisting

Disc 1:

01. Rudolf Eb.er - Tod am Bach
02. Martina Lussi - Pool
03. Papiro & Yanik Soland - Nozomi
04. Manuel Troller - Hologram
05. Therminal C - Sputnik Crash
06. JMO - Take a Break
07. Niton - Serote
08. Christian Müller - London Study #2
09. Flo Stoffner - Carmensac (for Anna)
10. Erb/Loriot/Morishige - Ice
11. Noijzu - Invisible
12. Christian Kobi - I
13. Alvear-Bondi-d’incise - Quinto pretexto

Disc 2:

01. Julian Sartorius - Ziggli
02. Joke Lanz - Dutschke
03. Jason Khan - Nearly you
04. Tout Bleu - Souviens-toi
05. Belia Winnewisser - Lower
06. SOUHARCE - Assurance Maladie
07. Laurent Güdel - State Music N°1
08. Dave Phillips - Categorical Thinking doesn’t do Justice to the Complexity of Life
09. Denis Rollet - sW#1
10. Gilles Aubry - And who Ears the Desert
11. Jen Morris - Autrepart
12. Le Pot - Take Shelter
13. PURPURA - Cruel
14. Francisco Meirino - Hear After: Introduction to Matters of Auditory Paranoia

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