Burial releases new song “Temple Sleeper” on Keysound white label

Burial releases new song "Temple Sleeper" on Keysound white label

This past December, X-mas came and went without a peep from Burial (unless you suspect that GFOTY is Burial). Hyperdub heads wept, stars atop trees sagged, and on Boxing Day, all across the UK, everyone just stuck their heads out of their windows and spat on people on the sidewalk. It was terrible!

But just like Jesus died on Christmas and rose again on January 22, Burial has surprised us all by releasing a brand-new one-sided 12-inch on Keysound Recordings! Listen to a preview clip below, go here to grab the white label record + mp3 + free BWD>> mix by label owners Dusk and Blackdown (familiarizing you with Keysound’s back catalog), or go here to just get “Temple Sleeper” as an mp3. Then come back and let us know how the whole track sounds!

• Keysound: https://www.facebook.com/Keysoundrecordings

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