Burial resurrects himself for new 12-inch, “Claustro/State Forest,” on Hyperdub

Burial resurrects himself for new 12-inch, "Claustro/State Forest," on Hyperdub

My dad called me earlier today and said, “Hey, JasonC, you ever heard of this Burial guy?”

I replied, “Uh, yeah, dad. He’s only one of the figureheads of Hyperdub and the post-dubstep scene. He only released one of the most influential electronic albums of the 21st century. DUH!”

After a few more minutes of berating my father’s lack of keeping up with the blogs, we agreed we’d catch up another time, after I had a chance to “cool off.”

Meanwhile, the UK producer returns with “Claustro/State Forest,” his latest after collaborating with The Bug on 2018’s “Fog/Shrine,” and first solo release since 2017.

The ever elusive Burial, who hasn’t released a full album in well over a decade, continues his trend of surprise releasing short singles and EPs that further refine and expand his take on dubstep, footwork, and faded ambient. The vinyl (which naturally is already SOLD OUT A F) is out June 14 via Hyperdub. Pre-order the digital version here.

Claustro/State Forest tracklisting:

01. Claustro
02. State Forest

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