Burial to release new EP on Hyperdub to appease rabid pack of mean commenters

Burial to release new EP on Hyperdub to appease rabid pack of mean commenters

The internet has done two things: 1) accelerated everything, and 2) turned everyone into a whiny baby who believes they deserve whatever it is they want right when they want it. Case in point: Burial. After releasing a debut album in 2006, Burial has come to define the upper echelon of the now ubiquitous genre of dubstep. To become the elder statesmen of an entire category of music after less than 10 years is definitely a by-product of the expedited internet age (though Burial’s quality output helps as well).

What accompanies this status, though, is a horde of faceless strangers demanding new content from behind the safe glow of their monitors. Yes, the people want more Burial and they want it now. While they should learn to hold their horses and, as Hyperdub’s Kode9 told Self-Titled last year, wait until it’s ready, the internet will surely be glad to hear that the time has finally come for new music. It’s not Burial’s long-awaited third full-length, but it’s new music nonetheless, and given Burial’s proclivity to put out particularly long EPs, hopefully it’ll suffice. Self-Titled reports that Hyperdub will be releasing the new EP, titled One / Two, on December 17 as a CD or 180 gram vinyl. For those of you who need to see some action NOW, pre-ordering is available here and here.

• Burial: http://us.myspace.com/burialuk
• Hyperdub: http://www.hyperdub.net

[Photo: Georgina Cook]

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