C V L T S release cassette on Beer on the Rug, spit a thousand V’s and spaces at that other Cults

C V L T S release cassette on Beer on the Rug, spit a thousand V's and spaces at that other Cults

There are Cults and then there are C V L T S. Not to spend this news story badmouthing the band Cults (they’re fine), but know this: C V L T S could chew them up, digest them, and then spit out an infinite stream of negative space and capital V’s. It’s just fact! Funny thing, though, C V L T S aren’t even a terribly tough band. They make soundscapes, many of which are fairly warm. Still, tougher than Cults, tough enough to put out music on Beer on the Rug. Music like their new cassette, Intentions, out now.

Act now on this tape, lest you end up in a void of regret. What I mean by this is that the cassette is limited to a mere 75 cassettes, though all of those cassettes do come with download codes. If you really, really act quickly (possibly into the past, but maybe not), you can receive a piece of raw black tourmaline, the likes of which is packaged with the first seven cassettes. You hear that? RAW. BLACK. TOURMALINE. Beyond that, all the cassettes come in a purple tinted shell and all have been pro-duplicated on chrome tape. But, at that point, you’ll have to get tourmaline yourself.

• C V L T S: http://www.cvlts.com/index.php
• Beer on the Rug: http://www.beerontherug.com

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