Call Super announces New Life Tones EP on Houndstooth

Call Super announces New Life Tones EP on Houndstooth

By now, I imagine most fans of electronic music are aware of the circumstances surrounding fabric in London and how a variety of conspicuous factors have coalesced to force the club’s closure (which is currently being ardently fought by a plethora of fabric staff and supporters-at-large). Those of us who haven’t had the opportunity to experience the club firsthand may actually be more familiar with the outputs of the labels that are directly associated, which include both the Fabric parent label and its Houndstooth subsidiary — traditionally more concerned with studio albums as opposed to the memorable series of in-club and out-club DJ mixes. Isn’t anybody going to talk about the impact of fabric-the-club’s closure on these labels? Would a finalized fabric closure mean the immediate cessation of both the mixes and those forward-thinking originals that have certainly populated the Houndstooth catalog since its inception?

Call Super a.k.a. JR Seaton is happy to play the role of one-man Titanic band if it comes to that, because his just-announced EP New Life Tones comes subsequent to an Instagram post in which he praises Houndstooth for allowing an unrivaled degree of creative independence. The majority of his releases (including Suzi Ecto and Migrant) have come on the label, and this new EP promises to be a continuation of the somewhat off-kilter dance music that caught TMT’s bulging cyclops eye from the very beginning.

Seaton does seem to think that the label will close as a consequence. Check out this page if that idea makes you sad, and go here to pre-order the new EP.

New Life Tones tracklisting:

01. Puppet Scene
02. New Life Repercussions

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