Canada to open North America’s second-biggest vinyl pressing plant

Canada to open North America's second-biggest vinyl pressing plant
Image: eldeeem

Canada continues her bid to be North America’s coolest country with the announcement of a new vinyl pressing plant soon to open in Burlington, Ontario. But this isn’t just any boring ol’ pressing plant! (JK, all pressing plants are magic, none are dull.) Precision Record Pressing Inc. is set to become the continent’s second-biggest pressing plant!!

Which means more records on the shelves, and faster. Here’s the scoop. Precision is owned by Gerry McGhee, president of big time music distributor Isotope Music. McGhee and co. have teamed up with Czech pressing plant GZ, who will press records overseas while Precision acquires more machines and additional pressing plants in Canada. Once the Burlington plant gets extra machines, they’ll be able to crank out around 11 million LPs a year.

The plant’s goal is to get records pressed and ready to rock within 6-8 weeks once they’re in full swing. They’re pressing their first release in August, with the plant scheduled to officially open on September 16.

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