Captured Tracks births reissue imprint to re-release early Yanni albums… nah J/K, it’s a post-punk reissue label

Captured Tracks births reissue imprint to re-release early Yanni albums... nah J/K, it's a post-punk reissue label

Last week, new school post-punk label Captured Tracks announced the formation of their old school post-punk imprint, Body Double Ltd. A wet dream of tight black pants-wearers everywhere, the newborn baby label features a logo that is suitably Bauhaus-lookin’, and will be headed by Corey Cunningham of Terry Malts and Matt Kallman from Girls’ touring band. The imprint leans specifically toward 1980s post-punk reissues, so get ready for lots of synth tracks about Margaret Thatcher’s domestic policies. J/K! 1980s post-punk isn’t THAT easy to pigeonhole — there could be songs about Reagan, too.

Body Double Ltd.’s first two releases will include Hollywood drum machine enthusiasts Blissed Out Fatalists’ self-titled album and super cheery Bay Area rockers Half Church’s In Turmoil EP (which will come out with five additional bonus tracks). Both releases drop November 13 via CD, LP, and digital download. You can peep teaser tracks from the forthcoming releases at the Body Double website.

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