Carlos Giffoni returns in true cinematic style with VAIN, his first album in six years

Carlos Giffoni returns in true cinematic style with VAIN, his first album in six years

Describing the music of Carlos Giffoni as “cinematic” is…almost too easy. Figuring out the kinds of films it should accompany takes a little more thought. And let’s be honest, if something as good as an imaginary Giffoni soundtrack was ever actualized on the big screen, some idiot director would make a shambles out of it. Probably would have tons of stupid CGI, a poorly executed dream sequence, an all-knowing smart-arse teenager, sex in a rainstorm, someone saying, “This is a long shot, but it’s the only chance we’ve got!,” an extended elevator sequence with an ironic throwback tune playing…bah!

No, being one of the most imaginative electronic composers out there, we’ll let Giffoni describe what is in his head through his music — without any “professional” filmic interference, thank you very much! Despite having his fingerprints and influence over dozens and dozens of recordings, it is hard to believe that the forthcoming VAIN is only his fourth solo album (after Welcome Home [Important], Arrogance, and Adult Life [both on No Fun Productions]).

The album follows Giffoni’s mind-story of a journey taken by a psychokinetically-inclined young woman who is trying to uncover her cryptic past. Its nine songs were forged without the use computer effects or overdubs, but with oodles of analog equipment aid, and the cover art is yet another astonishingly intricate and otherworldly painting by Wiley Wallace, commissioned for this album and the perfect metaphysical accompaniment to Giffoni’s VAIN visions.

VAIN is available as a limited LP (500 copies: 200 colored, 300 black) and as a digital download May 16 on iDEAL Recordings. Take a listen below to the LP preview of “Vain’s Face” and decide for yourself which is better: cooking-up fantastic images from Giffoni’s musical leads and intentions on your own, or watching someone direct Nic Cage through dreaming that he’s kissing a beautiful woman only to awaken to an animal licking his face…It’s kind of a no-VAIN-er!

VAIN tracklisting:

01. Vain’s Face
02. The Desert
03. Erase the World
04. Hands
05. We Pay the Price
06. Stop Breathing
07. Faith and Pain
08. I Can Change
09. Sun Rain

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