Carter Tutti releasing an album of Chris & Cosey reinterpretations

Carter Tutti releasing an album of Chris & Cosey reinterpretations

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, there’s a new album from the group whose name is synonymous with love: Carter Tutti. Yes, that’s right, Chris Carter and Cosey Fanni Tutti of Throbbing Gristle/Chris & Cosey/X-TG fame have returned under yet another moniker, and they’re giving the world a gift better than chocolate, roses, or the clap: a new album on the duo’s CTI label, set to be released on February 17. Inspired by recent worldwide live performances of Carter Tutti Plays Chris & Cosey, it’ll be available as a digital download, CD, and double LP and will feature reinterpretations and reworkings of 80s and 90s Chris & Cosey songs. So many people were like “Yo, release that live shit!” that the pair went into their Norfolk studio to make it happen.

Each release format will get its own extra-special exclusive remixed track, so get your wallet ready! CDs will include “Vengeance” (Exclusive Remix), downloads will get “Synaesthesia” (Exclusive Remix), and the vinyl edition will get all five tracks from Carter Tutti’s 2014 US tour limited-edition CD. To celebrate the release, Chris & Cosey are holding a “final” live date at London’s Heaven Nightclub on February 15. (“Final” here being the equivalent of when JAY Z quit music for like two minutes several years ago. It’s their final show for a while, as they plan to go back into the studio for a couple years.) Later this year, expect a new Carter Tutti Void album, too.


02.17.15 - London, UK - Heaven

Tracklisting (CD/download):

01. Lost Bliss
02. Retrodect
03. Driving Blind
04. Obsession
05. Beatbeatbeat
06. Workout
07. Watching You
08. Love Cuts
09. Sin
10. Dancing On Your Grave
11. Vengeance (Exclusive Remix - Compact Disc album only)
11. Synaesthesia (Exclusive Remix - Digital Download album only)

Tracklisting (LP):

01. Retrodect
02. Driving Blind
03. Obsession
04. Beatbeatbeat
05. Watching You
06. Love Cuts
07. Sin
08. Dancing On Your Grave

Bonus tracks:

01. Cowboys In Cuba (Extended Remix)
02. Dancing Ghosts (Extended Remix)
03. Deep Velvet (Extended Remix)
04. Lost Bliss (Extended Remix)
05. October (Love Song) (Extended Remix)

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