Cass McCombs and Meat Puppets announce limited-edition split 7-inch to celebrate the tour story we just posted

Cass McCombs and Meat Puppets announce limited-edition split 7-inch to celebrate the tour story we just posted

These days, singer/songwriter Cass McCombs is pretty well reputed as a witty, recondite, and cutting-edge Americana artist who is usually doing tons and tons of cool shit constantly. By contrast, country-punk old-but-goodsters Meat Puppets are known for… well, not that.

So, but what would happen if you mixed the two up in some kind of ungodly and diabolical human-being-sized blender? Well, that’s what the sadistic, bloodthirsty, and gruesomely murderous head honchos at Domino wanted to know too! But, because of certain pesky legal considerations, they were forced to have McCombs and the Puppets simply record a limited edition 7-inch and go on a US tour together instead.

True to their usual work ethics as crudely described by me two paragraphs above this one, the resulting piece of wax, which is apparently titled simply Cass McCombs vs Meat Puppets, will feature two brand-spanking-new songs by McCombs (entitled “Night of The World” and “Evangeline”)… and two, ya know, sort of novelty-sounding cover songs recorded by the Meat Puppets: “(Hey Baby), Que Paso” by Texas Tornados and “Cathy’s Clown” by The Everly Brothers. (At least they’re not Nirvana covers or some bullshit, right?)

And just to heighten the contrast between entities a little more, the release will also sport two different cover designs; one by frequent McCombs collaborator Albert Herter, and the other by Puppet Cris Kirkwood himself. The whole shebang will be available October 28 via Domino, but you’d better not sleep on your mouse-clickin’ finger, because I heard tell they’re only pressing 500 copies of the thing. If you’re a McCombs fan, you need this thing in your collection. If you’re a Meat Puppets fan, well… hey dude, that’s so awesome for you!

Cass McCombs vs Meat Puppets tracklisting:

01. Cass McCombs: “Night of the World”
02. Cass McCombs: “Evangeline”
03. Meat Puppets: “(Hey Baby), Que Paso”
04. Meat Puppets: “Cathy’s Clown”

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