Chain & The Gang announce new album Experimental Music, premiere video for “If I Was an Animal”

Chain & The Gang announce new album Experimental Music, premiere video for "If I Was an Animal"
Photo: Jenn Dessinger (courtesy of Chain & the Gang)

Once dubbed the “Sassiest Man in America” by defunct indie-centric teen magazine Sassy, Ian Svenonius pushes 50 with the same sardonic allure that saturated early works with Nation of Ulysses and The Make-Up. His upcoming record as frontman of Chain & the Gang — transparently titled Experimental Music — drops September 22 on Radical Elite/Dischord, and it features instrumental backing by members of Tyvek and The Gories. So far, we’ve been able to sneak a peek courtesy of the sonically and politically anarchic first single “Rome,” muffled by cottony fuzz as its rhythm section stutters and squeals.

Now, a video for “If I Was an Animal” succeeds the first single; it’s a droned-out look into the hypothetical feelings of fauna, set aurally to sinister psych-rock riffage and visually to a video-collage of canned meats, print advertisements from the 50s, and — last but not least — house cats. Retribution simmers at the top of the sensory stew, as Svenonius speaks for the voiceless creatures that can’t: “they’re gonna have their revenge,” he whispers into our cupped ears. As listeners, we’re his confidants, hearing out his plans for a domesticated mammalian coup, trusted enough not to squawk to the feds. The reverb is slick with secrecy.

We at TMT are pleased as avenged house pets to premiere the clip for you here today. Raise your inter-species consciousness by viewing it down below, and courageously to pre-order the full album right here. Your compassion and confidence are much appreciated.

Experimental Music tracklisting:

01. Experimental Music
02. Logic Of Night
03. If I Was An Animal
04. Rome 02:33
05. Don’t Make Me Dream
06. Come Over
07. Three Made A Fool Out Of Me
08. Temporary Insanity
09. Don’t Scare The Ghost Away
10. I Hate Winners

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