Chance the Rapper is making a 7-song album with Kanye West

Chance the Rapper is making a 7-song album with Kanye West

Legend has it that Kanye West’s College Dropout was the first rap album Chance the Rapper ever listened to; the two have sure come a long way since their celebrity-fan (non) relationship dynamic. Appearing for an exclusive interview on YouTube talk show Open Late with Peter Rosenberg, Chano has confirmed rumors that he and West are about to make an album together. The seven-track release doesn’t have a set drop date yet, but they are “supposed to work on it in July.” Which means it could possibly come out on Sunday — YOU GUYS!

That’s not all from the Chicagoan who gave us Coloring Book, the only streaming-only album to ever win a Grammy. Chano has also been making progress on a collaborative project with Childish Gambino: apparently they’ve got six “all fire” songs done already, out of expected 14 or so. AND all that’s on top of the rapper’s official debut album (remember, Coloring Book was merely a “mixtape”), which has been in the works since at least 2016. Easy, tiger!

Watch the full interview below (starts at the 11-minute mark):

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