Red Channel announce debut EP Crazy Diamonds, premiere title track

Red Channel announce debut EP Crazy Diamonds, premiere title track
Photo: Red Channel

Red Channel is an L.A.-based five-piece, living on that blurred line between new wave and post-punk. You know, where the not-quite-gothic and not-quite-pop like to meet up to share a nice hug? Yeah, right around the corner from the good pizza place!

Served up like a tasty slice of your choosing, TMT has the pleasure to premiere “Crazy Diamonds,” the lead track, the title track off of Red Channel’s debut EP — Crazy Diamonds if you’re not paying attention — out next month via Upset the Rhythm.

Clocking in at just over two minutes, “Crazy Diamonds” acts as a pretty effective teaser for its namesake. The song pivots a handful of times during its run, each turn of angular drums, flowing guitar, and synth riffing carried through by the dueling vocal harmonies of co-singers (and synth-ists) Melody and Casey. It’s a lead track that ends up sounding smooth yet sharp, feeling wistful yet defiant. An ideal statement to introduce yourself with.

Crazy Diamonds is due April 19 — also the beginning of Passover, so make sure you leave the door open for Elijah so he can have a listen too. Check out its title track, artwork, and full tracklisting down below — and pre-order it here.

Crazy Diamonds tracklisting

01. Crazy Diamonds
02. Giver
03. Demons
04. Slowness

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