Charli XCX makes a New Year’s resolution to release a new album in 2019

Charli XCX makes a New Year's resolution to release a new album in 2019
Photo: Dave Benett

Whatever our New Year’s resolutions were: they’re now CRAP.

Because Charli XCX — who (lest we forget) just this past December finally got full-credit for releasing one of the best albums of 2017 — dropped more than a little hint on Twitter that her #goals for 2019 are at once far simpler and way, way, way more epic and important than yours:

1. Make an album
2. Release it.

And thank god that 2nd item is on there, right? Otherwise she’d be no better than you and me “making chill hip hop beats on Ableton” every night until 3 a.m. instead of finishing those grad school applications like we promised our ailing grandmothers we would.

Luckily though, Charli is much more focused and motivated than we are. I, for one, feel pretty bad about myself, don’t you?

If not, here’s Charli again:

And yeah, here’s you and me:

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