Charli XCX producer umru drops new EP on PC Music, shares lyric video for “heat death” (feat. Banoffee)

Charli XCX producer umru drops new EP on PC Music, shares lyric video for "heat death" (feat. Banoffee)
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Boom. Your Monday just got a little more CYBER, baby.

After receiving heaps of critical attention (the good kind!) for his official remixes for the likes of Lido, lil aaron, and Kid Froopy — not to mention for co-producing, alongside A. G. Cook, the track “I Got It” off Charli XCX’s Pop 2 mixtape — 19-year-old New York wonder-producer umru has unveiled his official debut on (duh) the PC Music label.

The newly released search result EP utilizes a smattering of “performances from a number of talented vocalists” (e.g. Chicago-based producer and vocalist Laura Les a.k.a. osno1, LA-based singer Ravenna Golden, LA vocalist Lewis Grant, and Australian-born LA-based singer Banoffee — as well as some vocalizing from umru himself) and sets all that hollering against a ballin’ backbone of bass-heavy production wizardry.

“i have trouble describing my music,” the CAPS-phobic producer writes, “but this project sounds something like the lights flashing across a cathedral ceiling, reflections of the ipads from which a choir reads their music. every song was very much a collaborative process with the vocalists — i’m really proud of Laura, Ravenna, Lewis, and Banoffee’s work, the result is as much their project as it is mine.”

But hey; less TALK, more VOCALS, right? The EP is out as-fuck right now, and you can check out the lyric video for its EP’s penultimate track “heat death” (feat. Banoffee) down below. You know what to do: click, click, click; stream, stream, stream; buy, buy, buy; blah, blah, blah. How else are you going to fill that gaping void inside you?

search result EP tracklisting:

01. recurse
02. popular *feat. Laura Les_
03. sticky (feat. Ravenna Golden)
04. chemistry (feat. Lewis Grant)
05. heat death (feat. Banoffee)
06. linkrot

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