Chavez might be releasing new music for the first time in 20 years

Chavez might be releasing new music for the first time in 20 years

In the 20 years since Chavez last released new music, quite a lot has gone down. A president became embroiled in a sex scandal. A celestial body that was once classified as a planet was stripped of its planetary status. One of, if not the, greatest basketball players of all-time, has become one of, if not the, greatest memes of all-time. The world did not end. I changed my favorite color from orange to green. Etc.

But now, as Stereogum points out, Matador (Chavez’s label) seems to be teasing a new release from the band, their first since 1996’s Ride the Fader. A post on the label’s Instagram displays a test pressing for a Chavez EP called Cockfighters:

Band name sounds familiar

A photo posted by Matador Records (@matadorrecords) on

Asked for more information on Twitter however, the label kept their digital lips sealed.

Matador’s self-deprecating, joking tone (and the fact that that first tweet is from Chavez singer/guitarist Matt Sweeney) probably indicates that this is legit, so if it is indeed coming, let’s just hope this new EP gets released before any more major events happen in the world. Though, I will say that they better hurry; I have been going through a bit of a robin egg blue phase lately.

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